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Ernesto Inverted Umbrella Available Out of Stock

SKU No: UMS1001
Light BlueRed
1 colour / position
2 colour / position
3 colour / position
Estimated delivery date: 30 October 2020


The Ernesto Inverted Umbrella is an inside out umbrella that, instead of folding and getting everything wet when you come back inside, traps all the moisture on the inside and maintains a nice, dry exterior. Its double layer design means you can close your umbrella and keep it in your car or the floor of any room. The Ernesto inside out umbrella is made out of durable materials that are water-repellent, and windproof, making it perfect for battling all the nasty elements. The black on black design has a C-shaped handle, making it easy to manage hands-free for when you need to check your phone or carry other bags. It can also stand up independently. 23″

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